Massachusetts Girls in Trades

Massachusetts Girls in Trades was launched in 2015 by a partnership of educational, governmental and union organizations with a shared goal of supporting and encouraging female career and technical education students and alumnae to pursue careers in the building trades. The group’s mission is to help female students in middle school and high school — as well as recent high school graduates — to learn about and start careers in high-paying, high-skilled careers in union construction trades. These are careers that they might not ordinarily consider, either because they simply don’t know about these opportunities or because they have been led in another direction due to societal pressure or stigma. By promoting these options and truly opening up these careers for women, Massachusetts Girls in Trades will play a role in providing female students with equal opportunity. This will allow them to take advantage of the uptick in Massachusetts construction activity which is now seen throughout the Commonwealth.

The work of MA GIT is driven by three (3) essential questions:

  • How can we promote and support young women currently enrolled in career and technical education to enter the union construction trades?
  • How can we develop a pipeline into the construction trades for middle school girls who are enrolling in career and technical high schools?
  • How can we reach graduates of career and technical high schools who may be looking for better opportunities and interested in careers in the union construction trades?